Adjustments from the 134th Canton Fair Exhibition Sections

Starting from the 134th session, The Canton Fair will make the following adjustments to some exhibition sections.

First, the exhibition sections of Building and Decorative Materials and Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment will be rescheduled for Phase 2.

Second, Toys, Children, Baby and Maternity Products, Pet Products & Food, Personal Care Products and Toiletries will be rescheduled for Phase 3.

Third, Construction and Agriculture Machinery section will be divided into Construction Machinery and Agriculture Machinery respectively.

Fourth, Chemical Products in Phase 1 will be renamed New Materials and Chemical Products while New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles will be renamed New Energy Vehicles and Smart Mobility.

After the optimization, the Fair will have a total of 55 exhibition sections. You may refer to the attachment for more information on exhibition phases and sections. 

Please plan your trip according to the latest exhibition sections adjustment.


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