Standing Desk 3 Stage Dural Motors XSD32

Width Range: 1100mm-1700mm
Height Range: 600mm-1250mm
Speed: 35mm/s
Noise: <50dB
Load Capacity: 120kg / 265lbs
Anti-collision: Yes
Applicable: Adults and Children

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Standing Desk 3 Stage Dual Motors Electric Standing Desks XSD32
Dual motor / 2 Stage / Enhanced column / 2 Legs
Material: Commercial grade steel
Color: White, Black
Height Range: 600mm-1250mm / 23.6inch- 49.2inch
Stroke: 650mm / 25.6inch
Width Range: 1100mm-1700mm / 43.3inch – 66.9inch
Speed: 35mm/s (1.4” per second)
Noise: < 50dB
Load Capacity: 120kg / 265lbs
Power: 100-230V
Anti-collision: Yes
Latest version: holeless column
G.W: 30kg / 66lbs
Carton Size: 1050x250x205mm / 41.3×9.8×8.07 inch
Applicable: Adults and Children


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